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IGNOU MAAN Project Overview

Anthropology is a significant field of study that examines human behavior and cultures. IGNOU MANP projects enable anthropologists to conduct their research in collaboration with others, working towards a common goal. A MANP project is a research endeavor where participants cooperate to achieve shared objectives. The aims of this anthropology project usually differ from those of the original participant’s group.

In this guide, we will provide you with instructions and recommendations on how to conduct the project work for this course, as well as its benefits. The project work accounts for one credit and should not exceed a maximum of 30 hours. You can allocate this time as three hours per day or as needed for the project.

As the course intends to make anthropology an applied science that can be put into practice, project work is a crucial requirement. The project work will demonstrate the methods and approaches learned at the beginning and end of the course. Central lessons may serve as examples or concerns that can be applied. The final practical Block, based on the seven lessons, will prepare you for various career opportunities in anthropological fields. This project should be based on concepts and aspects that can be applied to practicing and applied Anthropology.

Table of Contents

  1. IGNOU MANP Project Work
  2. MAAN Project Topics
  3. Eligibility of Project Mentor
  4. Project Report Structure
  5. Presentation of References
  6. Submission of MANP 001 Project
  7. Submission Date
  8. Download Anthropology Project Handbook

IGNOU MANP Project Work The project work is an integral part of anthropology, helping to deepen understanding of the subject and fostering its development through new insights. As a sub-discipline in anthropology, the practice of anthropology involves applying anthropological knowledge to bring about change in various areas of society, ranging from social to biological. The project work will help students practice conducting research in a way that fosters positive change in these fields.

MAAN Project & Dissertation Research is the process of discovering and acquiring knowledge through a systematic approach. You can choose a subject or theme from either biological anthropology, social anthropology, or both. The project work will be a key part of your development as an anthropologist, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and its connections through fieldwork.

Anthropology Project Report Writing Your report is the documentation of your entire research process. It is essential to define the project you wish to complete and identify the problem. A well-defined research problem is crucial for solving the problem from an operational perspective. The research design is another critical step, and your project should emphasize practicing or applied anthropology.

IGNOU MAAN PROJECT For MANP-001,MANI 1, 3 Dissertation Topics

  • The impact of social media on cultural identity among young adults in India.
  • The changing role of women in rural communities in the wake of economic reforms.
  • The experiences and challenges faced by migrant workers in urban India.
  • The impact of globalization on traditional food systems in indigenous communities.
  • The role of religion in conflict resolution and peacebuilding.
  • The evolutionary history of human bipedalism.
  • The impact of climate change on human health and migration patterns.
  • The genetic diversity of human populations around the world.
  • The role of nutrition in human growth and development.
  • The forensic applications of skeletal analysis.
  • The emergence of complex societies in ancient civilizations.
  • The impact of climate change on ancient civilizations.
  • The development of agriculture and its impact on human societies.
  • The role of trade and exchange in the development of complex cultures.
  • The use of archaeological evidence to understand ancient religions and belief systems.
  • Gender studies
  • Environmental anthropology
  • Medical anthropology
  • Political anthropology
  • Development anthropology

IGNOU MAAN Project Handbook PDF Download

The project should include anthropological topics, themes, or concerns relevant to the course on practicing anthropology. You can choose any topic that you find interesting and can relate to, which will increase your curiosity to research and help you create a unique piece of work reflecting your anthropological knowledge.


Eligibility of IGNOU MANP Project Mentor A mentor will guide you through your Project Work. A mentor is someone knowledgeable in applied or practice anthropology and can help learners choose the right topic. The person must hold a high-ranking position at any university or institute. Before starting the project work, you must send a brief bio-data and the synopsis/project proposal to the MAAN Coordinator at IGNOU New Delhi.

Project Report Structure The report should be presented with care, following a recommended structure:

  • The title of the project work
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables and Photographs
  • Acknowledgements for Project Work
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Study Area and People
  • Materials and Methods
  • Data Analysis and Results (to appear in chapters, sections, or paragraphs)
  • Conclusions and Findings
  • Model of Formulated Plan/Policy (if applicable)
  • Tools used in the Project Work, such as Questionnaires, Interview Guides, etc.

Presentation of References

It is crucial to acknowledge the sources in your text and provide detailed information in the form of references. References enable the reader to quickly locate the source of the inquiry that underpins your project. They also help the reader analyze your work by assessing the accuracy of your quotations and your understanding of the material. Proper citation of sources is essential for a well-documented project report.

Submission of MANP 001 Project Submit

one copy of the Project Work to the RSC Registrar. You can submit the project work/dissertation by insured registered mail/insured fast post or by hand to the Student Evaluation Division, IGNOU Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068. Clearly write “MAAN PROJECT RELEASE (MANP-001)” on the envelope’s top to facilitate the sorting of the project reports received by IGNOU’s SED. You can submit the project work/dissertation in either April for June Term End Examination or October for December Term End Examination.

Submission Date of MANP Project of IGNOU Here is the schedule for submitting Final Reports for July/January Academic Sessions:

  • For June Term End Examination: Submit by 31st October (for July Session)
  • For December Term End Examination: Submit by 31st May (for January Session)

Submission of the Project Dissertation (one copy) should be sent to: The Register (SED), IGNOU Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068.

Remember that the successful completion of your project work is required for the award of the degree, and you must earn at least 50% to be eligible for this course. When choosing a topic, consider the expected time you will spend studying and the length of your work. Your mentor will guide you through the project work process, ensuring a fruitful learning experience.

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